AOL icon color h@x

Well, I recently downloaded and installed Microlangelo.  With it I changed the AOL icon color from blue to red.  I didn’t find it very exciting. I rather work with mspaint and code the icon into windows.  MSPaint isn’t as robust a program but I kid you not it rocks the shizzle out of icon creation.  I plan on posting a tutorial later concerning this matter.

 Keep Hackin’ AOL… The good way of course…


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3 responses to “AOL icon color h@x”

  1. Rob Stewfry says :

    I used iconmaker to change my AOL icon. I was even able to add sparkles. It does’t have any type of particle effects engine or filter to create them but I googled some tutorials and found what I was looking for. You can find the icon maker for free at

  2. BillyDavis says :

    Thx for your artcile. I have always want to try that. When u do the tutorial maybe have some screen shots so I can try it on my home machine. Im running windows ME for practice they say its hard operating systme to use so I figure I’ll learn from it. What doesn’t kill u makes u stronger.

  3. irqportz says :

    Well thanks for your post Billy, I hope to have a tutorial up soon.

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