Funderbuss and the Legend of Pikminlink

Recently while searching for Legend of Zelda hacks I came across a dude/dudet who dresses up as Link. What the heck is that thing? Why is it so hard to determine, it is like if SNL took Pat and put that WoMan into fantasy clothing and let it roam free on the internet. If you are a forensic anthropologist or close friend of this person please help me out. I’m banging my head against the desk trying to figure out what sh…, well it is.

See for yourself at:


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6 responses to “Funderbuss and the Legend of Pikminlink”

  1. Caonima says :

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  2. Scott says :

    PikminLink is most definately a girl.

  3. irqportz says :

    Wow, thanks for clearing that up. Some chick dressing up as men kind of blurs the lines in a way that you just can’t separate fantasy from reality. I was thinking that was most likely the case. But PikminLink looks like an androgynous version of Tom Cruise… well even Cruise was looking like that in his younger years. Other people that could be like this: Camilla Belle

  4. tidus says :

    i think that pikminlink is a guy because there is a picture of him on his website under about myself at the end

  5. Tish says :

    I wish whatever pikminlink were a guy! That would be totally hot XD.

    Although, I do think she(?) is a girl. I saw some photos from the E3 07 gallery in IGN and pikminlink was in the same dressing room as a princess Zelda cosplayer and they were getting ready in the same room.. I don’t think Zelda would be too happy being in the same dressing room with a guy.. XD

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