Taking it to the DANGER ZONE!

Well I just got off a horrible call where the member said her cat peed on the keyboard and was not able to sign on. Turned out the urine had shorted out the ever important asdf row. After arguing for 30 minutes and blowing my day I decided to hit the road for lunch. I had brought a sandwich but there is only one thing that can change my state of mind. That is Kenny Loggins singing ‘Danger Zone’. I hopped in my festiva, threw on my bomber jacket with the Maverick name patch, in 90 degree weather no less, and cranked the tune. I felt free weaving in and out of traffic with the driving guitar music and sweet sweet lyrics. It was an esoteric experience. Only the chosen few will experience it. I hope that you the reader are one of them.


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2 responses to “Taking it to the DANGER ZONE!

  1. Tonya Blooseman says :

    I just read your post, and well, lets just say that I think Tom Cruise is HOT!! I wanted to be present while his wife gave a scientology birth, thats absolutely amazing. When I got a HSIO today, the rush of glee surged threw my body, like the F16 Tomcats in TOP GUN. I am so excited that the member agreed to sign up for DLS from Vurizan, they are a good company. On top of that, I get 2 dollars, saawwweeeeeeetttt!!!! 😀 😛 :-). Yours truly,


  2. irqportz says :

    Well I’m kinda of put off by that comment. Tom Cruise is a couch jumping, thetan plugging, poop berry like none the world has seen. I wouldn’t mind seeing that Katie Holmes though, I would hit that like Billy Joel to a street lamp coming home from a hollywood after party. ::glug glug:: you know what I’m talking about. I don’t really like Tom the actor but Tom the Maverick whooped the buttocks.

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