And now, my real introduction…

I would like to say sorry for the informal intro I presented yesterday, I was too busy assisting members with clearing out cookies and resetting locations :P. Enough small talk, behold:

At Irqportz we like to mess around, but when it comes down to it, we are coders at heart. Our years of experience at AOL give us access to advanced technical knowledge, including the latest tech buzzwords. XML, HTML, Javascript. We pretty much have them down. We have filled out applications for other positions in AOL. I'm afraid we may have to say goodbye to our beloved callcenter soon. Even so, we will still continue to keep this blog up to date with hot topics.

For example, I was bored today on my break and I started hacking. Not hacking in the bad sense, but the good productive kind. Here is what a few minutes of work produced:


As you can see the AOL and Internet technologies have limitless potential, and we hope to show others how to use them. It's challenging, but you don't have to be a tech to learn this stuff.


About irqportz

Disclaimer:  This site is not endorsed or maintained by any company or corporate entity. The opinions herein are solely those of the authors. Topics on this blog consist of a wide variety including but not limited to Internet technology, and bladder control.

One response to “And now, my real introduction…”

  1. Denny Gillman says :

    IRQ, I would like to know how you did that. Being a coder-in-learning, I tried to make a similiar program, one that said, “good morning” but I think I spelled it incorrectly, because the compiling failed. Do you think this is the case? If not, it may be some outdated vbscript files, where can I go to upgrade them? Thanks and once again, nice work 😉


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