Mac training

I just found out, everyone is going to get mac trained at the call center. That is interesting, I wonder why they still support the old OS. I would make them use a ASCII/Unicode browser so they can only see text. The machines are so old, it’s too hard to work with them. Some of them can still run javascript but in general they will not load pages with flash or activeX controls in them.

Let’s talk about Mac’s.  Well a Mac is just a Windows NT machine that was made way before its time.  Nothing wrong with that. I find it hard to hack on macs. They have so few things you can do to them for modifications. I think this is probably the number one difference between macs and PCs. A mac is like a car with its hood welded shut. Since we are coders it makes our life difficult, so I will not be using macs except maybe to test web pages.

The new OS X is pretty cool, uses open source code and Unix base. It could use some more support for Internet Explorer and office applications though IMO.


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5 responses to “Mac training”

  1. Bob Schmidt says :

    This it the kind of narrow minded interpretation I would expect from a PC biased blog. You must be living in the past to think that Mac’s are like what you describe. My Mac is a dual processor G5, that is 2.4Ghz on two processors (think 4.8Ghz effectively). I will put it against _any_ PC in terms of speed. And don’t forget that AOL started out servicing only macs, so easy to forget.

  2. Terrance Bandly says :

    And to the netherworld with both of you. I have been a loyal Linux user long since the time where Red Hat was the predominant species of Linux available. My take on “peecees” and “macintrash” computers is simple:
    Having a Mac is like giving an American soldier in Guadalcanal a mink coat to wear in combat; its expensive, not practical and is only useful for visual applications (maybe the soldier can flaunt it in hopes of catching the eyes of a few gay enemy soldiers)
    Having a PC is like living with delusional parents; things are always misplaced or forgotten, then when you ask where the items went, they tell you they never existed in the first place. Lets also not forget that attempting to run a virus scan resulted in the complete destruction of the computer; the parents running around the house with sharp objects and throwing fecal matter on the walls.

    So gentlemen, whats it going to be?

    Bow to the mighy little emporers

  3. Rob Stewfry says :

    Well I say that I like to throw “Peces” in the “MacIntrash” myself. I wouldn’t use linux either. It is geared towards 30 yr. old men that live in their mother’s basement who code random number generators for their D&D night.

    I’m more about using BeOS. I have my AT&T Hobbit hardware and have coded quite a few apps to take advantage of this proprietary system. I have a PC box ::bleh:: which I have also configured to run BeOS.

    Soon I will release a hybrid OS based on OS2/Warp and Microsoft Bob that can run on my Tamagochi V3.

  4. Joe M. says :

    Hey guys,

    I noticed you commented on my blog too; and I have added you to my list of employee blogs. I have a few pieces of advice.

    – I strongly advise adding a disclaimer citing this site is unofficial sources of info, and that your views are strictly your own and not AOL’s. You potentially can run into an issue where your opinions differ from AOL’s and this blog can be misused against you. A simple disclaimer/statement will make it clear its your personal opinion; especially when you cite activities occuring company-wide.

    – I advise being careful with what you publish on this blog to ensure it sits within the confines of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Standards & Business Conduct agreement. As I mentioned above, this blog and contents may be held against you. Not that I see any content that violates that, but just letting you know – especially when it comes to hosting AOL information, that it must not be copyrighted. 😉

    Other than that, I like the creativity in this Blog, nice theme.

    I also anticipate I will like to take my even mix of Windows and Mac calls. I personally use Linux, Windows XP/2k, and Mac OSX. I don’t think the Mac is as deprecated as you make it seem. I like how decent my powerbook performs, and it works, the software is current; and even though for software development/”hax”; it is not “ideal” as a windows or Linux system, it is very stable and as you are aware on a Unix core.

    I look forward to excellent postings on here. 🙂

    – Joe

  5. Irqportz says :

    Thanks a lot Joe. We appreciate your feedback. Your idea of a disclaimer has been implemented. That should shield us should any discussions get out of hand, computer talk can get heated. With people being loyal to different types of machines/architectures. It is a good thing that it is not AOL’s name we are representing.

    We like your site as well, it gives a lot of good info on up and coming AOL features.

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