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While searching for coding forums on the web using the invulnerable Firefox browser, I came across this site instead:  Chuck Norris Jeans

It got me so excited that I nearly forgot the task at hand; coding.
These pants look so cool that I ordered a pair. In fact, I ordered two pairs, one for myself and one for my cousin Frank, who is a black belt in Mu Tai.

I’m no slouch myself, I used to street fight growing up and would get money pots from winning. I was in pretty good shape, I even had a six-pack, something that is hard to obtain now as a programmer. Anyway, it helped my family pay the bills so they were ok with it. But now my interest is more on computers and their applications.

Back to my search for coding, I came across many sites that claimed Tom Cruise wanted to chow down on his wives newly expired placenta. I began to think what exactly was in the placenta and its role in pregnancy and childbirth. The more I thought about it, the more ill I became. In fact, I had to UNPL because the thought of Tom Cruise eating a placenta rendered me hopelessly disgusted. I nearly gagged at my member. The member’s cries of “Hello? Hello?” were met with a faint weezing sound I was making. In any case that’s a story for another time.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah programming. There are lots of programming forums I want to look into. I will be reviewing them and we will later compare them for our purposes


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4 responses to “Coding Forums”

  1. Joe M. says :

    LOL @ the Tom Cruise part. Boy, do we all have stories with members – too detailed and funny to post on the internet.

    Any good coding forums, for learning C++ .NET, or C#, or whatnot. I have a nice mastery of the Visual Basic Language “set” (VBS, VBA, ASP, and VB itself).

  2. irqportz says :

    I have found to be a good C# resource, as well as to be a good resource for C++ programming. At codeguru they are a friendly bunch, and they will tend to get star trek jokes there which is a plus.

  3. yetta says :

    looking for information and found it at this great site.

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