Speaking of dirty celebs…

I also came by a news story about Black Eyed “Pee’s” singer Fergie.  Apparently she peed herself while on stage.  I’m no expert on the inner workings of the human bladder, but I do know how to hold it in.  Especially a little amount as she let loose. They tried to pass it off as her sweating but what kind of monster crotch rot is neccessary to get the hoo hoo perspiring that much? Now if this wasn’t bad enough, check out the mohawked dude getting a whiff of the area in question. He looks like he downed two cans of red bull and sniffed glue for half an hour. I bet the next time a boxer goes down in the ring they’ll just have Fergie wiggle her dirty birdy near his face.

The proof is in the pee


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5 responses to “Speaking of dirty celebs…”

  1. Rosetta Springfield says :

    I am just astounded at this site. I cannot believe the kind of filth this site is discussing. First of all, displaying such a graphically offensive picture of a lady who had an accident its appalling. It almost gave me the vapors.

    And to say that she has a dirty birdie why I asked my hubby what that meant and he told me it was used to describe the cleanliness of the prostitutes in Korea and I just cannot begin to describe how graphically assaulted I am. I am reporting this site to the AOL terms of service. It cannot be allowed to continue. Why I, I can’t control my agitation, I am reporting http://www.wordpress.com to the AOL terms of service. Allowing such graphic filth is unacceptable. Consider yourselves reported and any future posts of a graphic nature.

  2. saki says :

    Nice comment ass-clown if you don’t like don’t look. It’s a bit apalling but so is ur breath.. OMG WTF STFU ROTF LMFAO you inbred psycotic loser.. gr8 wrk ppl 😀

  3. uexyi says :

    Good site!!!

  4. Chimbles says :

    Lol that dude is trying to catch a whiff

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