Run Indian Forrest… Run…

Run Indian Forrest.... RunCongratulations to little Budhia Singh who ran 40 miles in 7 hours and 2 minutes. He was followed by 300 police cadets. I guess they are all members of the local chapter of NAMBLA.

I could see it now, "Momma always said that life is like a bowl of curry, you never know how spicy it is going to get…." He probably heard the song “Running on empty” going through his head just like Forrest in the movie. Too bad the little bugger doesn’t know he is running on empty because his mom ate the rice she took as payment for enslaving the little boy to a sweaty 60 year old soccer ball manufacturing magnet. I guess he has time to run once he has sewn his quota of 15 Nikes for the day.   And yes… his mother really did try to sell him.

Props to you little man… props to you…


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3 responses to “Run Indian Forrest… Run…”

  1. Shirley says :

    That little boy has caught my heart. You might want to read a couple of posts I wrote about him.



  2. irqportz says :

    Honestly the little dude has heart. If only I could run that far… if only…

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