To Grease or not to Grease

It's not everyday that you read a story about a disgruntled teenager who chucks scalding hot animal blubber on a uncouth customer. See story here If I was the manager, I would give that worker a Certificate of Achievement for assaulting that crap headed customer , (but I wouldn't hold the ceremony at work, I'd have it in my cult basement). Putting the shoe on the other foot, if I was the careless teenager doing the deed, it wouldn't be hot grease on her arms and chest, it would be bubbling diarrhea sprayed on her face and hair, leaving a mark for all to see (and smell). Sometimes when I have too many super burritos from Los Betos, I have had more of the 'brown apple splatters', and rather than just seeing those plentiful nutrients go down the drain, I save it in a bottle for when I really need it. I hope this to be a reality one day; I hope to be working at Burger World Heaven and perform this most righteous task on an unrighteous customer.




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2 responses to “To Grease or not to Grease”

  1. irqportz says :

    As you know, irqportz is maintained by more than one person. Now I’ve posted some messed up stuff but that eclipses everything I have done…


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