AOL search – Thou Art Loosed!!

Well, I was looking for a topic to talk about that would be AOL related. And it was promised earlier, so here it is…

The site of focus is AOL Advanced search
I ran along this while reading the FAQ's on AOL's searchsite. If you want to refine a search and don't feel like typing (OR, AND, -, NOT) it has fields which you can fill out.

Here are some tips for searching

  • Make use of the NOT field why search for Starsky and Hutch and get endless pictures of Ben and Owen when you want the original bad mamma jamma's of law enforcement
  • If you are looking for something exact like a quote use the exact phrase field
  • Lets say you lost a pdf that you once had concerning the IRS or the latest House M.D. fanfic, choose Adobe Acrobat PDF (*.pdf) from the format menu
  • Got a problem you think microsoft has the answer for and you only want their take on the issue?  Then enter in the domain search only.  Or exclude them if they make you angry ::shakes fist::

Well those are just a few nifty features of the Advanced Search.  Enjoy!


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One response to “AOL search – Thou Art Loosed!!”

  1. saewald says :

    I'm another spam poster from India. I post here to say I love your site, in the futile hopes you will click the link on my name and earn me $0.0002 cents. Me love you long time.

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