What is boxley? Well according to wikipedia, boxley is a small town in England (source). If you want to argue that fact, I'm game. Until you can prove otherwise, boxley is a town. Oh, it's a programming interface or something you say? I see, well in that case let me do some web searches for it.

Oki doki, here I did a websearch for Boxley programmer and this is what came up:

Frankly, I'm disgusted by this image. This Boxley programmer got really smacked out on Animal tranquilizers and PCP, and self-urinated in public, whilst wearing what looks like a sleeping bag or a skirt to cover his lower region. I think this is unacceptable for any programmer, and it tends to give us a bad name.

Here at IRQportz I can assure you that none of us will get zonked out on veterinary supplies and "hit the rave" with a sleeping bag and a full bladder.

We've addressed adult bladder control issues once before on our site, I would hope by now we would not have to address it again. People please, if you are not less than 5 years old, peeing yourself like that is simply unacceptable.


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Disclaimer:  This site is not endorsed or maintained by any company or corporate entity. The opinions herein are solely those of the authors. Topics on this blog consist of a wide variety including but not limited to Internet technology, and bladder control.

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