First sign of the apocalypse…

It is foretold that a headless primate will roam the world on a Roomba made of gold.  He will bring peace to the Middle East and fling poo as far as the West is from the East and as far as the North is from the South…

Sorry, this was just hecka freaky…


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Disclaimer:  This site is not endorsed or maintained by any company or corporate entity. The opinions herein are solely those of the authors. Topics on this blog consist of a wide variety including but not limited to Internet technology, and bladder control.

2 responses to “First sign of the apocalypse…”

  1. Barney Fife says :

    I notice that you categry say feces, I see no feces in this article. This article fails to deliver to my interest in feces. Please put more feces in tha article or relable it. Tanks.

    Barney Fife

  2. irqportz says :

    Well fecally speaking it includes poo which is slang for feces…

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