“Dr. Airportlove or how I learned to scare with the toothpaste bomb…”

oils and lubes

So it appears another terrorist plot was averted. Airports have been slowed to a crawl due to the most recent threat. The plot was believed to be near execution and was believed to target flights headed towards New York, Washington, and California.

The suspects were planning to make a bomb out of liquids and gels in harmless appearing containers. All liquids, gels and some portable media devices are being banned from boarding the planes. This leaves thousands of Londoners without their rave music, glowsticks and X. Not to mention little Bobby’s cheese whiz. No huffing for you. Only essential medications and baby food are being allowed on board.

Can’t anyone see!! It’s the babies damn it, they are the terrorist. Who knows what kind of backwash they hid in their mother’s bossoms (a backup plan if their food was not let aboard). Not to mention the diapers (AKA dirty bombs).

I know this is possible. I’ve seen Baby Geniuses 1 & 2. I have watched it over and over, studying their ways and analyzing their behaviors.

Beware the MacGyver babies… BEWARE!!

Portzer #2


Soon I see us all flying around in planes more barren than NASA’s KC-135 while in the nude. How do you vision the big lady sitting next to you now…?

p.s. p.s.

…that would be a big ol’ saggy booby on yo leg


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3 responses to ““Dr. Airportlove or how I learned to scare with the toothpaste bomb…””

  1. mike Oxbihgg says :

    Is anal itch creme considered a gel? I’m just asking…for a friend..not me..seriously!

  2. ragedookie says :

    As a fellow AOL Gerbil I am very concerned about this apparent discrimination about boarding an airplane with anal cream. I’m sorry, but my poor little brown starfish hurtza lotza from all of the daily shaft (metal and flesh) insertion I get from AOL management. I wish I could say I was being molestered… but they pay me so I cannot do that. I guess that makes me a whore. I so sad… no anal cream? I think I’m just going to end it all right now…lol

  3. irqportz says :

    Fun fact: Title is a parody of a movie title:

    “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”



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