The New CW! Free to be Teh Ghey…

Well I just had to post this new advertisement. If Superman Returns didn’t have enough articles about “is Superman gay?” then this will surely generate more.

Sweet merciful crap man… Poor poor Tom Welling…

And now I present the CW ad entitled “Teh GHEYNESS SUPREME”


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2 responses to “The New CW! Free to be Teh Ghey…”

  1. Mike Oxbhigg says :

    Wow what an interesting story idea. Gay superman. Forget the red and blue tights its now a tweed jacket, ascot, tailored slacks and a pink scarf. And that picture doesnt really portray manliness. More like “Superstar sweetie!” or “Can you say FABULOUS!”. But all in all Id still watch it since it’s either that or gilmore girls which I cant watch anymore since Lorilai betrayed her moms trust. :cries: Im going to go blog about it.

  2. Jarin says :

    I agree with u there man, what kind of superhero wears underwear that is visible for us to see, we shoulden’t be exposed to that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was gay, I saw it from a mile away.

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