Mary J. Blige, and why you should not get plastic surgery

I remember listening to Mary J. Blige when I was in highschool, and thinking she was hot on her music videos. This would still be the case, some 12 years later. However, for some reason, MJB has apparently undergone some plastic surgery (like many women in the public eye do) and wasted what I felt were good looks.

Older women can be beautiful. I can think of several examples, like say Vanessa Williams. That woman could be 50 and I would still find her hot. The reason? She ages gracefully, and it looks natural.  My advice is to stop while you still can.  Plastic surgery eventually leads to looking like Michael Jackson, he is living proof why it is bad.  If anyone gets enough of it, they will look like he does, as well.

Plastic surgery kills, good looks.
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6 responses to “Mary J. Blige, and why you should not get plastic surgery”

  1. Ice says :

    Who are you to really have any opinion about someone who you only know through the media – if that? It would be different if she didn’t look great, but she does. It might also be different if you had walked on step let alone a mile in her shoes, but you haven’t. You just couldn’t let someone who has come through so much, and set herself out there as a positive roll model, have her moment. I don’t know if your self image is damaged or what but I really feel for you. I was surfing and reading and although you are entitled to your opinion, it is really sad that the only opinion you seem to post is tainted and hateful. You obviously have a talent in how you established your website, I just think you could do without all of the negativity.

  2. irqportz says :

    You’re probably right, I don’t know anything about her outside the media. My motivation to write about this is really about the destruction of natural looks with plastic surgery, more than age. Since we all get old, and it is inevitable and all that. So, in summary, I think she has had some plastic surgery done, and I prefer the natural look.

    Article has been modified to more clearly state what I felt. It should no longer strikes you as negative. I normally don’t change posts, but she has not done anything to anyone to deserve the bashing style I originally posted in.

  3. tricey says :

    you bashed more than one person in that quote… but i get ur point.

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