We made it up

False advertising has plagued mankind like a mad case of pungent diarrhea after eating 6 Burrito Supremes from Taco Bell with a load of ‘fire sauce’. The methods are insidious, nefarious, evil.  Some are subtle, some are not. In this case, I think subtlety is about as stealth as a one-legged man in a ballerina tryout session.  According to this article, http://www.celebpulp.com/loreal-paris-beyonce/ it looks like L’ Oréal is altering Beyoncé’s skin tone, causing her to appear, well, err different. What’s up with that?? They changed her skin tone so drastically, that she seems to be of different ethnic descent. This reminds me of a mockery, stunt, (fill in the word here) done by Ted Danson performed back in 1993 (no offense to Mr. Danson, I just felt like mentioning him).  The difference here is this was Ted’s choice, but not Beyoncé’s. Who made L’ Oréal to say, “I’ll change your skin for you”. I say, keep everyone’s skin true to life; don’t make me dump a bucket of the above mentioned colonistic sauces on your face.


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