Best Buy Sells Used, Malfunctioning Camera As “New”

Once again, Best Buy is up to their  putrid, Better Business Bureau-violating nonsensical business practice. A camera was purchased as “new” yet when the consumer proceeded to open up the package, they found the factory seal broken and existing pictures already saved on it. When the consumer attempted to return it, Best Buy claimed it was “damaged” and developed a demeaning attitude towards the consumer. They didn’t want to deal with the situation and brushed them off. The battle, while seeming to fade, was brightened up massively when pictures of a Geek Squad employee were discovered in a separate folder while browsing through the saved pictures gallery. Wasn’t this camera purchased as new?? Hmm, then why are there snapshots of an employee present, eh? Victory ensued once the manager discovered this rather slight discrepancy. The full story can be read here. After reading that story, I’d rather get slapped in the face with a dead fish coated in Buffalo diarrhea. Good riddance.


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