This is a tech-blog called IRQportz. We plan on discussing technology issues particularly those that impact ..stuff. This blog is run by experienced Rosemont techs who are in the know. It is our hope this blog will grow to become popular for unofficial information on ..stuff.

Disclaimer:  This contains opinions which are solely those of the authors and are not endorsed by any corporation, company, or entity that makes money and could possibly try to sue us.

Disclaimer II:  Some parts of this blog (particularly celebrity bashing) are satire, and not meant to be taken seriously.


2 responses to “About”

  1. bibomedia says :


  2. Bert & Lois says :

    NANCY GRACE…Bitch extraordinare:
    I am continually shocked that people such as Nancy Grace are allowed to polutte the airwaves with such uselesss drivel. The fact that she is morally and physically defective is a clear and concise reason. When She gave birth to her twins, she was back on the air spouting her brand of profane non-news before she stopped oozing placenta from her corroded snatch. Does she even have any feeling for her children? appearing on CNN and court TV days afterward is groos. Nancy Grace, weeping lactate from her mammories, and wearing a queen size mattress between her legs to me is disgusting. Most mothers would be at home with there Premies for at least a few months, until they were sure everything was OK.I know this from the first hand experience of having my own C-section, and Premie birth. Now recently, to comment on the Spitzer case, Nancy caustic comments and depraved rush to judgment displayed NO couth whatsoever. At least the prostitute was disease free, unlike her. How many STD’d, abortions, and self induced miscarraiges has she had? only The Devil will know, they can discuss it in length when she is in hell for eternity. Maybe she will do a CNN indepth interview about it.

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