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Muffeletta Jonie Thompson

What is up with celebrities and the way they name their children?

Anyways I was bored and made my own celebrity baby generator, quick and crappy like…

Take The Celebrity Baby Name Generator today!
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The Da Vinci Code

I didn't read the book but I did see the movie.  It was ok, not necessarily the type of thing I though it would be.  The suspense was built up as high as waiting to see if a toddler doodies in the little plastic froggy toilet.  And the references made to Da Vinci's Last Supper seemed to suck the big one.  I know Da Vinci was one for detail but give me a break.  Look at my doodle here… You can see that I have drawn a representation of Michael Jackson or maybe it is Baraka's and Raiden's love child from Mortal combat.  Notice the distinct hat and hidden jaw which may be hiding horrid teeth of Baraka or a hideously disfigured man who is losing his nose, known to the world as MJ.  But anywho beyond that it had Ian McKellen who knows S&M devices and a way to use them to get him out of a pinch. ::Yikes:: Props for the acting but I can't say much else…

 All in all I was somehow still entertained by the movie.

Oh yeah and one last thing.  Ever since The Bourne Identity all films with a European setting deem it necessary to have a smaller and smaller car to use in a chase scene.  Next we'll see two movie stars on a tricycle peddling down the road, ringing a little bell and it will culminate in a spectacular 6 inch drop off the sidewalk.  Please guys, lets come up with something new.